Amber Sparks on Finnegan Flawnt

June 18, 2010

Contributors to the latest > kill author talk about their favorite piece in the issue, preferably by a writer who is new to them. This time it’s the turn of Amber Sparks:

“Since I’m pretty new to the scene, I have the pleasure of constantly discovering new writers—new to me, if known to many others. After reading Finnegan Flawnt’s piece, ‘Rites of Spring,’ in the current issue of > kill author, I’ve already added his name to the growing mental list I keep of writers to watch for.

The story is as wild and cyclical and organic as the title would suggest. Boundaries between animal and human, self and other, body and dream, writer and world shift and merge and occasionally dissolve altogether. This willingness to follow an idea to the outer limits is established almost immediately:

‘He noticed a short, strong white hair from his beard on his tongue and decided to not take it out but see what would happen. A moment later, a tiny bear emerged from the cave of his mouth, grabbed the hair and pulled it on his lap to play with it.’

We know already after reading this that the story, the narrator, will follow their own logic, will lead us into a fabulous new place. And they do. It’s a wild place, where one’s own body cannot be trusted, where a storm can be raised in a palm, a penis is also the devil’s canvas, wings can be written, and eggs resemble Chinese policemen. It’s a place I recommend you visit right now, if you haven’t already. And make sure you listen as well as read—this writer just happens to have a voice as wild and enchanting as his stories.”