Online Literature Calendar

July 12, 2011

Back in September last year, we were really excited about the launch of Zine-Scene and its focus on online literary magazines – so much so that we invited Richard Mocarski from their editorial team to write a guest post right here on our blog explaining more about the project. Since then, we’ve kept a close eye on their various zine and author spotlights, as well as The Reprint, Zine-Scene’s literary journal which “liberates” words from the printed page (just our little joke there, you understand) and puts them online for all to read.

Now they’ve introduced another innovation with the Online Literature Calendar. The name tells you all you need to know – this is going to be a fantastic resource to find your way around the various publication schedules of the ever-growing number of literary magazines, whether they unveil a new issue every month, every other month (like us), or even just once a year.

If you’re an editor of an online literary magazine, make sure you get your publication signed up. Email Richard at editor [at] zine-scene [dot] com with your release schedule, a link to your journal, a one to two sentence description of what it’s all about, and your logo. And if you’re a reader, Zine-Scene is on Twitter too, so follow them to get all those quick 140-character updates on new online literature.