Ilk: they are our kind

December 1, 2011

We’ve been looking forward to the first issue of Ilk Journal. Why? Well, we just had a feeling about it. A good feeling. And it’s a feeling that hasn’t disappointed now that the reality has come to pass. Ilk a poetry journal, for one thing, and there aren’t enough of them about. There are two good people behind it, that’s another thing. Oh, and they write a compelling manifesto – and everyone knows how much we at > kill author like a manifesto or two. This is Issue One, and it’s got names we don’t know and names we do know (including former contributors to our little corner of the web like Thomas Patrick Levy, M.G. Martin, Molly Prentiss, Daniel Romo, Mathias Svalina and Parker Tettleton). So go and read. Now.

Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got our next issue to apply finishing touches to, ready for release later today…