Letter from the editors
Guest introduction: J. Bradley

Alec Bryan The Towel Alex DeBonis A Monster on Long Island Alexis Pope Two poems Ashley Farmer Farm Town B.N. Landry Free Architecture Caroline Crew Three poems Chris Emslie Three poems Christian Harder Two poems CJ Burton Star Rot Colin Gibson Two poems David Tomaloff Two poems Eleanor Leonne Bennett Photographs Eric Beeny Children: from Trawling Oblivion Eric Ellingsen from The People Called Endless Ian Sanquist Horizon Lines Jon Steinhagen Washington Crosses the Delaware, Eventually Keith Nathan Brown Insomnia of the Soil Kenny Mooney Crank House KMA Sullivan Three poems M.G. Martin Two poems Marcus Speh Three Berg Passages: a Triptych Mary Sharp Part of a Particle Mary Stone We Will Plan Big Things Matthew Robinson Lawn Clippings Molly Prentiss The Grand Canyon Brings People Together Nick Francis Potter Homecoming for Pulseless Sunken Wife Peter Schwartz 3 Kinds of Problems Tania Hershman All Activity is Silent Tess Patalano Three poems

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