> kill author was an online literary journal of short fiction and poetry, produced approximately every two months between June 2009 and August 2012. While publication has ceased, this page remains here for reference purposes only.

What we’re looking for: a manifesto

Writing that burns with a desire to step out of the everyday and into its mirror image, and from there allows the reader to see something different and go someplace else.

Writing that knows how to leave the reader shocked and reeling, not necessarily just via the events the author is describing—anyone can take the easy way out and labor over gruesome violence or explicit sex—but through the extraordinary power of their well chosen words.

There are too many writers aping the style of other writers, especially online. And far too many authors still want to be Charles Bukowski. We love Bukowski, but his work’s been done. He did it and it probably can’t be bettered, so why try to repeat it? We want writing where the author dares to explore the outer reaches of their own voice, and then has an urge to see where it takes them.

We’re excited by writing that experiments with form and language. That doesn’t mean we’re looking for all-out surrealism, though; we still value work that knows how to tell a story and can take the reader from A to C via B. But it should make that journey in extraordinary ways.

Who’s behind > kill author?

If you’re looking around for a masthead detailing the names of the people involved in editing and producing this journal, you won’t find one. We’ve chosen to remain anonymous. Find out why by reading this statement.

> kill author is socially aware

You can keep in touch with our activities by following us on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook. Alternatively, sign up to our low volume mailing list to be informed of when a new issue appears online.

Does > kill author have any other opinions?

Yes, we do. Which is why we agreed to answer some questions put to us by PANK Magazine in September 2009. Without revealing our identities, of course.