Whether or not E-books really represent the bright and shiny future of reading is a question still up for debate, but there’s no doubt they’re increasingly popular. That’s why, as well as being able to read > kill author right here on the website or via a downloadable PDF, we also offer an E-book version.

Each issue is made available in the two leading E-book formats:

  • ePub, which is compatible with a wide range of E-readers and can be viewed on Apple’s iPad and iPhone using applications like iBooks or Stanza, as well as on Android mobile devices and the Barnes & Noble Nook;
  • mobi, which works with all versions of Amazon’s Kindle.

Below are two brief guides on how to install these files onto the leading devices. For other E-readers, please consult the manufacturer’s own instructions.

mobi for Amazon Kindle

  • Download the mobi file to your computer.
  • Turn on your Kindle and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.
  • The device will appear as a standard external drive.
  • Drag and drop the mobi file into the “documents” folder on your Kindle.
  • Once the file has transferred, eject the Kindle and disconnect the cable from your computer.
  • The file should now appear in your Kindle library.
  • It’s also possible to email the file to your device once you’ve downloaded it to your computer: here are Amazon’s own instructions for the procedure.

ePub for Apple iPad and iPhone

  • These instructions assume you are using Apple’s own free iBooks application.
  • Download the ePub file to your computer.
  • Add it to your iTunes library (you’ll need version 9.2 or later) by choosing File > Add to Library, or by simply dragging the file to the software’s Books pane.
  • Sync your iPad or iPhone to make the file available on the device.
  • If you prefer Lexcycle’s Stanza software, please follow their own guidance on how to transfer an ePub file from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

ePub direct download to mobile device

  • iPhone: Make sure you have the Stanza E-reader application installed. Visit killauthor.com using the Safari browser on your iPhone and navigate to the contents page of the latest issue. Click on the “ePub mobile” link. The file will be downloaded and automatically opened in Stanza.
  • Android: You’ll need the Aldiko E-reader software on your device. Go to killauthor.com using your phone’s browser and navigate to the contents page of the latest issue. Click on the “ePub mobile” link. The file will be downloaded and automatically opened in Aldiko.

A note about the E-book text

In putting together > kill author, we always try to follow the wishes of the individual writers regarding the presentation of their work. However, the nature of E-books and the inevitable differences in the way text is formatted between the various devices means that in some cases, especially with poetry, the results won’t always be as accurate as we’d like. On the plus side, it’s still a good way to save trees, and as this technology develops we’ll be looking to make improvements.

If you have any comments or questions about our E-book versions, please email us.