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Andrew Roe Flight: SFO to LAX Cameron Pierce Two poems Cezarija Abartis The Labyrinth Cheyenne Nimes Three poems Daniel Carter Four Turns Daniel Romo Four poems David Backer Proscribe: ostracize, banish (v.) David Laskowski The Anatomy of the Novel, or Steve Edmond Caldwell A Paper Moon Elaine Chiew Italo Calvino People Frank Hinton You Enjoy Myself Gregory Sherl The Oregon Trail Is the Oregon Trail Jack Boettcher Three poems Jennifer Spiegel This Is What I Do Jessica Newman The Ways They Let Themselves Be Fooled Lauren Becker There Was Nothing We Could Do Matt Mullins Two poems Melissa Lee-Houghton The Charge That Struck Us Mitch James The Sadder of Two Places Rae Bryant Featherbedding Raymond Farr The Pueblo Is In My Name R L Swihart Four poems Ryder Collins We Were Listening For The Shattering Sheldon Lee Compton Playing Thomas Bunstead Fabricio Coloccini Loves The Whore

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