Dogs and cats are ugly

I’ve worn the same boxer-briefs for about ten days in a row
     and I feel punk as fuck.
It’s unnecessary to wipe your ass every time you shit.
I am clean exactly how I am.
Several times a night I run my fingers through my pubes
     and ass hairs.
I am always damp because I ride my bike all over town
and I smell my fingers and think that I have only taken
     two showers
since we last slept together.
It is like two degrees of liquid separate our genitals.
We should stop showering forever
or else forget about pulling away when we finish fucking
and sleep inside/outside each other all night long
our juices coagulating overnight
forming a thick hard web
and when we wake up in the morning we will be glued together
our pubic hair like skinny supermodels preserved in amber.
I burn up when I think about holding your hand.
I am glad your ears don’t smell because I like nuzzling
     my face in your neck
and I like giving your ears wet kisses
even though I know you are grossed out by my tongue flicking
     in and out of your ears.
I am ready to marry you just say the words
and we’ll go down to the doughnut shop
and we’ll get married in the doughnut shop
and please remember I am just a skeleton and some canned
     food and so are you.
I want to be self-absorbed with you and tell dogs
     and cats they’re ugly to their faces.
I want to celebrate Halloween with you forever.