Some Words From The Machine

“Greetings from the machine”
is one I’ve always longed to say
to someone I love. The right
time never came. “The atoms
of living things are among the smallest”
is another. But do I actually think
“time” has anything to do with it?
An eon fails to pass. I think of
grand swaths of time, but they aren’t
my thoughts. Some physicist
paraphrased on the radio
said it. All I do is drive all night
to see if I can swerve
away from every shadow
I see breathing in the darkness
of the thicket
of nerves coating this state.
Driving on the highway at night
huge billboards with puns
are always there to bully you
into friendship. No one
on this highway is in control
right now. Which is why everyone’s
sister is so beautiful tonight.