Letter from the editors
Guest introduction: Ian Sanquist


Alex Kain Boiling Colors Alone Adrian Silbernagel Two poems Becca Yenser Of All Things Ben Segal The Depressed Person Was Trying to Get Better Brad Liening Dark Star Brennan Bestwick Howling Brian Warfield Whale David Wanczyk Two poems Elizabeth Witte Deviant, Look Jake Syersak Octave Jenn Marie Nunes Three poems John Mortara Two poems Joseph A. W. Quintela LineBreak Joseph Musso Explanatory Notes of a Break Up Joshua Young Three poems Joslyn Sklar Two poems Julie Marie Wade “Or else.” Mark Cunningham Fuzzy Matthew Burnside Two poems Meghan Lamb GIRL Mel Coyle Three poems Michael Seidel Mounds of Flesh Miggy Angel Two prose poems Sara Crowley Dorothy’s Shoes Shannon Hozinec Two poems Shelby Hinte How to Become a Woman Stefan Milne The Elegiacs of Fruit and Chocolate Zoelle Egner Notes on a Rhinoceros


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