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In the beginning

this speak about her in waiting.

She was born in

ever incarnate

She until she in writing

The pitch of her


The way you sex makes

this beginning arm of her

legacy appendage sound


She said this in

this was    that year. Landscapes

microbe. This was both.

The suppleness of luck in being tourist
similar to deviant inhabitant. You’re

welcome. Touch the oldest part.

she’s dead.


Track the moves nowhere. visit us.


The realigned focus bores in on

the way to discomfit    who?


Tracking makes an elapse possible.
The sunk floor waits for her, to what?



It’s a bell—because it rings.

Awake, in the heat, blotched skin on [wherever you have skin].

The way you sex makes discomfort.
That   (in script)   glazed across a gentle pottery.


Vessel for cotton swabs, at home, on the vanity or
counter of her [community health center].

Articulate smallest action, amass endings.

The morning density setting a


a mystery-lovers companion resting
a hand always across her spokes where
the side table meets the wall.

Welcome to the lean-to.

Greetings from the famine region

or this is your terrorist, home

These are her supple

speaking. at rest.


The good light the better
to extricate a people by

The god light plucking about


to beat a way into

or a delicate savoring across
the nodes of


The mouth parts ways with the moving

and is moved by


biography is

tangent to a saying

In the evening first a, then another, nightfall.


All-over skin covered sections.

Pray over cooling airs.

The travel books pile.

(the stones)

explore us.

Glossy is the best

has the most, is over-incarnate.

she is her birth, her person-action-pact.

Feel in the webbing of feet an essential

gosling self. Or another creature being.

Another way to apply (to) the flame.


In this beginning her hair or cup saucer slips

In this beginning her eye dog eye soiled—

rubbed into the ground to pleasure. culture.

Take care of less of the world

than she’s in, or exit out another half.


Drill out the stump
Then extricate the roots

picking picking picking pull
In this a return to this our plan C

Natural Order Kingdom

The pattern emerged of knotted
threads of the clumped

At this point ants, or rather communal
bond, like so, bound therefore.

All well to accomplish [the task established]
here in the crease in the corner the lamp lit.