Definition the Body

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The topic is lovemaking. Say hand-held rose petals eye-
held slow            sweet                             ness & clean

(The idea that lovemaking is one.
Thing. Every woman is someone’s
daughter he reminds

I say sex1: the genitals. Especially external

(I like it doggy-style. Can we not talk
about my mother appeared

Somewhere intercourse2. Somewhere intercourse
incomplete. In that case intercourse3

(We are full of landscapes: the pastel
ocean mountain on fire at dusk the
fir trees

Look into iphones. Thumbs helpless mark. How to re

(A word for something so ugly it

Smooth plastic fingers (Electricity the purest form

texture between

Any systematically organized body of knowledge about a specific subject

(A word for
what is happening

There are things I take into my body to whole me. There are things I take into my body to stir me. There are things I take into my body to whole them. This is where it gets political. There are things I take into my body. What have you done lately

(Business doesn’t get me down
business gets me off

If you can’t beat it

Love making5

There are certain arguments that will never be won. If you believe in God. It is written. There are things I take into my body to fuck

(Birth. Control

If men got pregnant we wouldn’t have this discourse6. Metaphors for the proud flag clinic. Tiny flush the world aglow. The science of human selecting. Mushroom cloud. The distance from thumb to thumb. A written language7

Words make sense. I say the words making

        : say the absolute truth & so transcendence lives there
not biology not breeding in the house of love

virtual intercourse8. Plastic
skin-colored mounts

(Note there is no breeding when girls
kiss girls boys kiss boys. Dear God
she & her girlfriend are
by this definition

Around the same time married for love9. Try comparing it to something more concrete

(I want to choke you she says. But
I want you to choke me I say. We
look into each other’s eyes. We look
into each other’s eyes she ties my
wrists with white twine

This time the box is 3 shaped. Inside the box a mass of bloody tissue. Febreeze it. It is about the size of your fist. Not mine. We are told to carry the box with us everywhere we go. Sometimes it is a different color but every box is read

(What is the difference between
crimson &

The box is 3 shaped. We carry the box everywhere we go. Inside the 3 is a fist. Inside the fist is a box. It is full of synonyms

(I don’t work for the law the law
words for me

It is 3 shaped with a pink ribbon. This is taxonomy

That’s what we’re really talking about here.
The definition in my mouth. Tongue the words10 into meat words make me meat. Make me sweet. The definition in yr mouth. One type
of love making. I prefer to find out on my
hands & knees how to make us
the guttural