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Amorak Huey Two poems Brian Oliu Missed Connection #21: Penultimate – Egan’s Bar – m4w – 22 Caroline Crew Three poems Darby Larson Pulse Feng Sun Chen Three poems Garrett Socol Fame & Madness in America Gary Moshimer Mice and Men George Anderson Three poems Greg Dybec The Comedy of Shattering Birds Helen Vitoria Two poems Howie Good Two poems Jonathan Callahan The Great Challenges the Good to a Duel: Pistols, Dawn Joshua Unikel 525 South Winchester Boulevard Joshua Young Three poems Jules Archer The Man with the Sight Matt Leibel The Characters You Care About Michael Loughrey Colour plate No. 8: The (W)hole [kit and caboodle] Peter K. Pinnacle Hill Richard Chiem The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky Roan Vogan Premenstrual Satanism Robert Alan Wendeborn Four poems Rose Hunter Three poems Sarah Rose Etter Womb Peck Sean H. Doyle Stillwell Avenue, June of 1987 xTx Two poems

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