Almost Ekphrastic

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I go to museums
stand in front of paintings
mostly breasts and virgins
and wonder
if you’ve gotten out of bed
I sleep rough these days
off the gear
sip cappuccino over grave markers
rub stones
The Glorious Dead
one granite slab declares
there will be nothing left of us
even the stones
our names have been carved into
will be worn clean
and I don’t want to scar your name
into my wrists anymore
Seurat made men glow
they sit on the edge
of the Seine
people defined by light and shadow
chiaroscuro, what a choice
in Paris, Pissarro’s work flourished
and burned
butter skies and violet trees
showed us who we are
in color and light
I wander into his watery streets and yours
and wonder
will I have Paris years
will we?