These people have tried talking. They think it is an effective way to communicate. For personal reasons, they do not talk anymore. If one of them wants something, they bang their skulls together. The theory is that if their brains are closer together, a thought will transfer. If one of them needs something, they cry while doing this.

This man had a stroke. His mind is like a meteor: he can only think with craters. He has no short-term memory. This works because large enough holes swallow everything. The cat cries to go outside and he says, “I just let you out! Don’t you remember? You have no memory, kitty!” This works because large enough holes swallow everything, even each other.

Under the tree in the front yard, there is a hole. When I look into it I think, what could it have swallowed to grow so large? I ask the tree to move and it laughs. I ask it what it thinks about the hole and it doesn’t think about it because it doesn’t have a brain. Now I dig up the roots and push the tree over. In the hole there is black. I shout BLACK into the hole. I shout I AM A TREE into the hole and realize too late. The hole is a pit. In it, there is every kind of pigeon. In it, an echo keeps itself company. I circle the pit like a wild animal. The tree says I can make this make sense every time I circle the pit.