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What you stack whole money hunger waving goodbye grandma, see you grandma, hope you get to feeling better while you still got time to re-up the line and forecast the disagreement between you and dad and fridge and mohair and frankly I think the whole thing is out of sight out of mind out of dynamite.

These allergic reactions. You see? Ask the foundation to grapple with wonderful additions to the aviary or twice now I have called your mother for advice and she hangs up on me! Fucking hangs up on me when I yell out the chess piece makes fourteen haven lockets yellowed by quartz and dagger burger needlepoint excursions. Blood soup. Noodles jury kluge bucket. Radically! Ecstatically! I ambition the frosting and cake the ghouls pleasantly.

Walking spiral hunger grape forage sister wood lawn hyper fragile stabile anyway I hope you get this message. I miss you, squirrel. I miss your language. I miss the way you make bake sake rake fake take Columbus.