Walk onstage, pull its head off, reach inside to scoop out what you can, hold it up (grip tightly) and wait.

Here we are taught how to juggle, structure anecdotes, maintain suede, plait hair.

A dead wasp will be used. There shall always be a backup wasp should the first wasp fail.

Wake to a man (unfamiliar) in a tuxedo fast asleep in his chair, the ceiling fan shifting screamed ice hockey commentary and smells of wilting fruit.

  1. Divorce
  2. Financial problems
  3. Overconsumption of Eggs Benedict
  4. Bereavement

Before dawn, she is on a beanbag, chilly in the empty house, attempting a crossword. So: windowframed reflection fades as twilight skyblooms.

Steven dabs his forehead with his napkin, puts down his plate, pats his belly. He puffs out his cheeks now, wides his eyes. Matilda opens her mouth to laugh.

The face is smiling. It grows. It grows to an enormous size and flares its nostrils. The smile grows. The face is growing right here, right in front of you.

Entering a shadowdark tunnel, moving gently now, hunched, shuffling, now crawling, burned or raped depending, now crawling, shuffling, hunched, moving gently now, toward an opening.

Jackie Kennedy will be riding her bike by the river. I will set off a firework four or five miles away. She will cycle home. Many years later, while sleeping: abrupt death.

A freightless ship sailing. Until the ocean floor: Suez, Panama, Suez, Panama, Suez, Panama, Suez, Panama ...

Enclosed in snow, a pilot, sleepless. A plane entering a mountain. A tiny noise.

The younger is unfastening Velcro and humming; the older is cartwheeling down the garden path, vaulting that elaborate iron gate, nailing the landing.

He’s unpretentious and he is rich.

Imagine a car gathering speed. Imagine a car, bright, becoming faster, gaining speed, gathering itself forward, toward and down, and now, down, down, and still, still gathering, now.