Wake them up! I am lovely

It is most surreal when everyone is naked under their gowns

and there is a new man inside my ankle
and I must tell him that we’ve never met.

The name for Tuesday is Evelyn.
Though every previous Tuesday the name has been Rose.
     Evelyn and I are professional
strangers, but at the risk of selling off the estate
     I would like to say

(Evelyn, if you are half of a foot higher than five feet
     and require one
hundred and five point two gravitational units to
     keep you here, there
is a good possibility that your appendix is hiding
     behind my appendix

and neither can be seen in pictures unless we both eat
     so many oranges
that we become oranges, or at least half as round)

hello and yes

yes ovaries do sound like monsters when you
     play back the answering
machine and yes they’ve been in your bed all this time and

Oh this will kill you, this will


kill you.