Doubt On Drugs

Officials admit they’ve let Pakistan too loose.
And China, well shit, it factors last if at all,
Riding sanctions like an authentic panda taboo
Minus the coop.
Letters sent from Afghanistan describe the sight
Of models dying of malnutrition.
Their puddles increase triumphant laundry.
Their stubble reduces cost effective molecules.
In 2012, global warming will kill us white people.
O how I wish I were Beyonce’s Hepatitis A
Risk and how.
Hell, I’m off to Orlando lacking roots and leaves.
A parasite of protests huffing to become ethnic.
My gnarly pants, my ashen books, my
Parents and chicken nuggets prescribed as outrageous
Fortunes proving creationism supports variable hives.
There’s nothing else after ‘em, these progressive materials
Manufactured for the material spent.
And chatty spaces turn into mayonnaise, softly soulless
In soft, soulless bodies dragged through Mogadishu
From boom to bust.
New outlet malls. New joystick dreams.
Wombs our lotteries obsess over with pizza.
No worries captain, the fleece and cortex construe the rest.
I’ll do my best not to fester hope less.