Damends/hea dreamt one was irshea who was once called hershea. One saw oneself riding a raging faunal species of feline descent that was, in fact, a hired horse from the abutting narrative, for that occasion disguised behind an appearance of a donkey. Having been confronted with such a noctambulous image, one realizes that the nocturnal rider was in an inexplicable, invincibly schizoid fashion addressing damends/hea with a speech of the approximately following content: Off with one’s robes! One sees hershea extending one’s arm, reaching out towards one’s hand. Conquering the space dividing the two parts of the body, hershea raises one’s elbow towards the sky, throbs it vigorously into the unknown territory of the pocket and takes out a handful of dusty powder—the final product of the landmark event known as the condensation of the adhesive plasma hazing the debris of petal dispersal into itself. One elevates the limb high up, spreads the fingers and slo-mo throws the powdery content over irshea’s palm. This has the prescribed effect: irshea sees one’s rings from off one’s fingers…one by one…precious and semiprecious metal/stones alike jingle as they hit the ground… falling from irshea’s fingers. The sound is unearthly. The echo unlistenable. The resistance of the cobbles on the ground unwatchable. The nocturnal rider speechless. Until one says: Off with one’s robes!

Hershea’s look frozen, fixated on the line in the distance that only the contours of the sinking light make imaginable. Utters the speech of the approximately following content: geroY kollaborata ich been njet; daerfoYr, dajski ciceGa&cizmaje, without further deLEJ! At that moment irshea realizes that the rings falling on the ground are being transformed into worms, eating one another as they are melting, fusing with the welcoming mud. Not before long, one finds oneself joining the feast, wolfing the warmed-up mixture of an increasingly desolidified consistency…

As the gulping intensifies, damends/hea feels the nocturnal rider’s leg touching the saddle. That has an effect similar to how the process of the sound of the rings, hitting the earth’s surface, is transmuting into a worm’s den. More precisely, as the rider’s leg is touching the leather object, it is turning one’s thoughts into a furry ball. Touching the rider’s foot and biting off the nails from one’s toes. The toes are left bald and the nails, once hairy, are now being decomposed across the uni—vers in the form of dusty feathers. Feathers unlike any other. As they have a layer of woven vessels full of phlegm that spurts feverishly, sprinkling feathery slush over the wormy supper glazed with slurpable icing. Of unstable solubility. Until one hears the speech of the approximately following content: Off with one’s robes! Kicefr mojne, keyO? The wormy mixture of unstable solubility, gulping itself, is turning into a cosmic-size swamp, originally scapegoated for the purposes of turning a horse into an enchanted domonkey.

Who takes a fistful of disintegrated feathers, turned into muddy petals, gradually transforming into dusty worms, eating the leather and drinking the phlegm dripping from the furry powder. Who sprinkles over itself a radically, unevenly mixed composure atomizable into particles of equally unimaginable origin of rings’ stone-metal collapsing onto the enchanted horse slurping domonkey’s thoughts of furry substantiality. damends/hea dreams.

damends/hea had a dream / in it one saw a movie which opened with a long take of a deserted street / black & white / evoking the times of silent cinema / camera captures the façade of a building erected in the century preceding the one in which the movie was made / wide shot slo-mo turning into a close up of a window / fish eye gaze insinuates an attempt at intruding into the privacy of somebody’s life / life sustained on the belief that as long as there is a pane dirty enough to prevent an unknown eye’s penetration of the guarded space, it is possible to know who one is / life preserved on the presumption that there is no look fierce enough to pierce the consolidated dust on glass background / life maintained on the assumption that nothing from the other side of the glass divide can reach the simplicity behind the barrier /

camera turns from the window / follows a line drawn along the wall / thin, long, lighter shade of the color of the background / freeze frame on an insect crawling along the micro ditch / like in a bad metaphor, deluded into a would-be idea of mountain climbing / the lenses of the camera shutting slowly, not entirely / iris out / the insect vanishes from the frame / iris in / close up on the spot where once the insect was / jump cut to glorify the vacantness / master shot from the other side of the street / to celebrate the space /

the emptiness of the sidewalk disturbed by a sporadic sound of orthopedic shoes, anatomically designed to perfectly accommodate the needs of demanding feet / to walk / sporadically / the steps of an aimless (or seemingly so) stroll lead the legs of the eyes to see a site of unutterable disgust / at first the sense of sight gets captivated by the absurdity of the activity that happens to be the object of perception at that particular point / secondly, ungraspable bizarreness of a potential motivation for the thing happening / third, fearsome grotesqueness, robbed of any charm that would normally add up to its (grotesqueness’, i.e.) venomous delicacy / fourth, the atmosphere within the frame of unbearably paralyzing inadequacy / in sum, the eye of the legs lead by the stroll of the steps secured by orthopedically protected feet saw a site of the approximately following content: on a bench was sitting a figure—smoking.

whether in a dream or elsewhere, damends/hea realizes that the awkwardness comes from the FACT that the movie had been made LCXV years before one will have been living. It means that the genre of the feature (or is it a doc) is an historical drama of a historic significance / for you.