The Hull

you are mine child some socked grey some soaked red your father slept at the end of the expanse I crawled upon him like oilsweat child when your filthy heel touches your ear the world is pain but you can fly iridescent insect let us go down to the hull there is sugar I am your mother I will wear black lipstick the air will be light we will crawl into the barrel that is enough for us I will take a part of you into my mouth that I have saved for this purpose your jaw will rest on some soft hollow there will be a knife child that you can sink in my chest and I in yours the sugar will be much with us turning mouths mashed and drowning I eat the inside of my own kind child I gave you the name of a laughing happy boy and the thing that is not a thing until you ring it they told me to stay on my edges until there was much blood I have seen your body do what no other can giggle with me my little knight my nit someone has taken the rod from your spine high above the plain where the dead points of light shook they handed you to me and said you were possessed by something made of milk and emerald sweet one do you sleep the sea can you hear it and that is why you must first eat the bitter leaves child to get to the heart