Handbook Regarding Important
Islands Where Raves Take Place
Even Though It’s 2010

When you’re unemployed for so long you begin to take pride in an unidentifiable amorality. I am picking at various scabs, watching dismal horror movies about Nazi zombies. I am debating whether or not one capitalizes Nazi. Often times I don’t capitalize christ. I can hear the mailman outside fumbling with his keys, poking at his radio. I would be a mailman, but I hate walking and wearing shorts. I am going to find pictures of you on the internet and maybe masturbate if I’m not too sleepy. I am going to Google “celebrity endowments.” I am fucked in your garden, thirsty in the atmosphere. I want to be Mario, humping on mushrooms, licking the princess. I go to Target and play the promotional Xbox. When little Mexican kids ask me if they can have a turn I say no, I’ve got to beat my fucking levels. Don’t read porn on the subway. Don’t eat Subway after 2AM. In my free time what’s best is to gnaw on my cheek until there’s a hole. I fill that hole with Evan Williams extra sour mash Kentucky whisky. It burns and all the new energy sits outside on my porch. I never allow her inside.