Is All

The new media revolution is an artificial surge.
The decade revealed its identity in a cigar box courtroom
and increases were constructed in parlors out of carrot cake
     and tobacco.
Smoke passes The Beltway and a forest of
     undistinguishables smolder.
            We remain the unlimited amnesia, the
            black and mild, the casually exploited
            singing a ho-hum hallelujah.

Take destruction as your only lover.
She is contempt untamed, fucking binds untied,
electric dandelion crowns of the mind surging and surrounding
     and saying,
let’s delete this and try again, let’s dream,
let us bet raindrops on a Sudoku match against angels and agree
to flood the streets.
            Let us understand the appreciable difference
            between the blues and jazz,
            because the sadness and chaos
            have become all the same.