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Fumihiko Maki’s first person emphasizes architecture’s inevitable collaboration with logo investments in purchasing vertical space. Cultural theorists/philosophers/neo-Marxists think and write in opposition to the “Left” and postmodern diffuseness, taking into account a globalism almost incomprehensible. I click buttons to deliver these books from Amazon and turn paper pages and lift my Smithsonian Apollo II moon landing mug to drink Whole Foods Morning Buzz made in a CoffeeMate, sweetened with Organics sugar, and creamed with Trader Joe’s unsweetened soymilk. This network of brand names confuses a particular ideology distant from hands and packing tables so the taste lingers a mysterious coating on my tongue. What on- or off-brand is bulk? Planned and placed sidewalk trees have names we will not allow them to escape; yet, regardless how many times we chop or transport them, they build themselves.