Trivial Pursuit

Pravda is the Russian word for truth, and also the name
of a Communist newspaper that ran from 1912 to 1991.
The father of the Jazz Age was F. Scott Fitzgerald. I like
kissing you as much as I have ever liked drinking.
Women received the right to vote in 1920. Shirley
Temple is the youngest person in Who’s Who. Don
Rickles was also known as Mr. Warmth. You leave
your sweat on my sheets like a crime scene. Hamlet’s
sidekick, Horatio, is said to be the first recorded crime
scene investigator. Area 51 is located in Nevada. The
last Pony Express ride ended in Sacramento, California.
Cindy Margolis is the most downloaded woman on
the internet. Your name is my favorite blues song.
U2’s “Angel of Harlem” is about Billie Holiday.
Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel #2” is about Janis
Joplin. This poem is about you. Tristan Tzara invented
Dada. The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is half-scale to
the one in Paris. There is a motel room in my head
with your name all over the wallpaper. You will
recognize the shape of the chalk outline on the
carpet. The dedication of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The
Great Gatsby
reads Once again, to Zelda. This
has no dedication, but it is, once again, to you.