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Guest introduction:
Joseph Scapellato


A.A. Balaskovits The Romantic Agony of LemonHead Alex Haber Here Anhvu Buchanan Two poems Brandon Amico Three poems Caroline Hagood Three poems David Greenspan Three poems David Mohan Two poems Declan Tan 15,061,604 is the 1 Diana Salier Three poems Donald Dunbar The Word You Picked For Me Drew Roberts Shades of Dorsey Fortunato Salazar Kudos to the Parasitic Arthropods Gabriel Valjan Exile Garrett Socol Shades of Blue Gary J. Shipley Fly Glaze Horse Ian Sanquist Lifeboat Panorama James P. Elliott The Mad Hatter and March Hare as Human Conscience James Tadd Adcox The First Thing That Viola Stole from Robert Was His Monogrammed Pen Kira Clark Three poems Krishan Coupland Two stories Neila Mezynski Doors Nic Alea Voices Paul Hostovsky Two poems Rachel Springer (((( The Sun Inside )))) Sierra DeMulder Two poems Stevie Edwards Three poems Will Clingan Yakin’


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