Wolfgang and Troy

Wolfgang and Troy are following me
Because I ate a pink Butterfly in the bio dome
They have Las Vegas hair and teeth
And there’s a tiger next to me in the auditorium
With a litre of Pepsi Max clamped in its paws
I understand that there is a micro galaxy
Somewhere around here,
I am definitely looking for a way out
Autumn is happening slowly outside
And an old lady in a cape with pink laser eyes
Has just told me that I’m five hundred years old
I can hear weeping coming from a dark corner
Where a famous actor is looking at two neon Mondrians
And some involuntary cognitive discharge
Is coming out of his face
As he recalls the qualities of certain kinds
Of grey light in the autumn air
There is sunlight in the twigs everywhere now
And Wolfgang and Troy follow me around a corner
Their hair and teeth shining in the dark