Crypto Lust

In the house that I hate
And the people I dread to meet.
We convene with regularity.
We go wherever you go;
We know whatever you know.

They know me before I know
What their quiet laughter means.
Tasteless and silent,
Cutting through my everywhere.
Impaled like a speared fish.
Green sparks explode
Behind my eyes, blind.

They watch me sleep,
My every twitch, my every spasm.
I am a rope stretching,
Imitating the distance
I have grown away from.
There is a finger in my mouth.

They undress me, helpless.
Some sort of crypto-lust that
I can’t see. I feel it in and around.
The whole floor begins to vibrate.
A distant whistle in my ear.
I feel motions but see nothing.
Limestone touch, cold and heavy.
Smooth and long hot spurts.
My ankles pinioned, my mouth
No longer opens.

The ground of being is rocky and obtuse.
Pinioned but loose in expression.
And death is a construct I don’t have faith in.