—A husband’s footprints.
—Moments in comfortable chairs. Moments waiting for the universe.
—The border of a country.
—Holy shit!

-Would you like to have coffee with me?
-I would rather decompose than have coffee
with you.

—Most any seizure.
—Lips (the spaces between).

A celebrity pens a letter concerning snakes:

[snakes will hung in trees or shoe closets i know most shacks hold a snake corn cribs a barn to but snakes dont get up drink milk from cows teat thats a lie snakes can wind that wire like that other go when early cold look for cricks and sun like tin metel will move slow my sun day was when we came canoe round the ox bend and hit the bush their snake fell in boat i know sara can holler sound like broken gate or stuck rabbits or snare one i pin the snake with that paddle flipped over the water clar we looked it swim way a big S a runover snake will crawl one day bite for two people will try to swurv to hit the snake i guess I know the time i shoot the snake OK granpa said why did you just saw the snake a big black one S in the dust shade simmons trees and brain slow fast that heart did that and knees felt fell off cherry piker sort of OK and I just got hurry OK and shot the snake grandpa scalwed me then grandpa said a snake done nothing if you feel to hurt hurt quick why don’t you think that snake is forever now off the earth and what have you done good for one minute OK i said grandpa what the bible say one snake aint all snakes one thing aint ever thing he said did you even have a bad dog I course laughed fred was the worse dog fred dug al the pigs free and ate the pigs fred ripped mee maw’s shirts form the line fred ate my sunday bass whole fred ate the roof tar barells fred ran up under grandpa truck two times and second time dead you even had a good dog grandpa said dont you know chip was the one who follow me to school show up after lunch after I got the bus chip walk the highway and my class that day my room so far and all laughing likeing me now oh chip I lamint chip and that the best dog easy so what you know of dogs now grandpa said snakes will lay down railroad tracks to soak up the silver i seen a snake eat a snake like a circl there but them circlss cant go rolling down a road thats a lie most times people see a cottonmouth it ain’t but a water snake people like to say they seen a cottonmouth i dont stand why people just like to say big things grandpa said what you shoud do is learn a snake i mean sit and still and look on the water a big silent S listen to it on the water OK]

—I like to hide curled in closets during parties.