Letter from the editors
Guest introduction: Caroline Crew

Aaron Larson Mildred from Nigeria Aaron Plasek Two poems Angie Spoto Dear Charles Anthony Colclough Concentric Old Granny Witherwart Camonghne Felix To Whom This May Concern Christopher Citro Three poems Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz Three poems Daniel Romo Three prose poems Elizabeth Ellen The Movie Was French and the Actor Was French and the Actress Was American, Or, Derivative Gregg Williard Ape Breaks Down the Door Gregory Sherl Two prose poems Jane Hammons Forging Janet Freeman Love Me Now Jordan Soyka Two poems Joseph Scapellato Immigrants Julius Kalamarz Three poems Mark Baumer The Back of Our Kneecaps And Our Shoulder Pits Sweat Into Another Day of Pavement Maureen McHugh Hallelujah Ammonia Melissa Goodrich Pangaea Michael Cooper Puddles Michael Mlekoday Four poems Ofelia Hunt Gloria Kills Many Things R. D. Parker Obviousnesses Robert McDonald Artistic Statement Rose Hunter Three poems Sarah Terez Rosenblum Winterizing Suzanne Scanlon Girls With Problems

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