Smoking tobacco and missing the pot around here. Spitting tobacco and missing the pot around here. We make the pots around here. Okay.

We’re just around here or we’re doing around here, what the around here is, what does around here matter, why and does it matter, around oh here, just rape around here and let us watch. From here.

We mirror us. Build mirror versions of us. Stack them around here. On the veranda. We dust them on Thursdays. We water their parts. Around here growth is tangible and desirable, when desirable is a word and tangible is a fruit we can pluck, when the mirror version of us can rape the thirst of our face. Everywhere.

She said along the way and stepped on our finish. The mix had a great time around here. Around here had a lisp around here. The mirror singing along the way is not singing let’s get narcissistic up in here. All right.

Something fell came. We slept against the seconds.

The pet fish we were sitting died on day around here. When we started, we were going to put the around here in the pet fish. We think there’s a handshake called the deadfish. The owner of the fish we were sitting didn’t shake our around here hands.

Because we haven’t been. And we’re not Ben. Because you can call us Stephen. But not Steve. We don’t go for that around here. What that would imply we’d go for around here. Or take in around here. Or give out around here. Or hide behind around here. Or from behind and around here. And how can we ride a bicycle with that thing on our back? That Steve on our back?

Around here, they tell a man his son is in the bathroom. That the man’s son pissed his pants and is asking for his daddy. Around here, the man follows them to the bathroom where he doesn’t find a 25lb son in wetted pants. Where the man is someone’s son also. Where what they do to him is the only way anyone would remember that. Whoever the man is around here.

Around here, they use words to freeze your virginity. Around here, they use the words freeze your virginity.

She has her reasons. Around here. And her gifts.

The mirror. The sandwiches. The eat to leave. The stand by the mirror and look through the window. Even when something follows around here. Around here.

She stands beneath the bench built for no one around here. The bench as art. The art as slated umbrella.

Hallway dust rests in the carved frame of the mirror around here. There are no goddamn elevators around here. How does anybody do anything around here? We’re so proud of us all.

Something is much said around here. Not necessarily the letters, but some things like letters in words and words in lists. Something everyone around here has said.

And we’re left gargling to the sound of our throat in her mouth. Our ear stapled to the bench we used to sit. We couldn’t pluck a persimmon from the branches of us. The timber we knew we’d burn though we promised otherwise. The fires we told each other we’d keep each other warm with. And the fire we burned each other with. Each and other. Around here, this is the only version. Every time.