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Automobiles are extensions of the home. Cars are bedrooms parked in supercenters, bathrooms rushing to work in the morning, conference rooms on the go. Car seats adjust to the owner as the owner adjusts to the steering wheel. Cars began as seahorses then evolved to walk on land. Those horses naturally evolved into engines and rims. After a time the species developed lyrical qualities and entertainment soon reached into television. The cord of energy reaches from satellites into the dash of the car. The workings and failings, the adjustments of this room show through mechanics how our other rooms decline in Kelly Blue Book value over time. Tires need changing when carpets need replacing. Lights burn out. People forget the electrical system in the walls of the house started as a nervous system. That plumbing evolved from intestines. Author was one of the first to comprehend that we are the mother of our house, rare parasites that create our own host.