Posthumous Preempts

In the War on Drugs shoot heroin first.

Support your local anesthetic.

Send Santa wishlist envelopes
stuffed with anthrax.

Predict memories
using only posthumous preempts.

Until then, step on the cracks in puberty’s concrete

Prey on wild hunters.

Your bloodline’s half-arachnid since learning to crawl.

Find a sturdy stool sample to stand on so you can
     reach the laxatives in the cupboard.

In the family of revolutions (a family that eats in
     separate rooms) stalk movement to movement
          asking for spare change.

Adopt two mystics to play ping pong with your third eye.

     Keep them in cages of hypodermic,
          barbed-wire lashes,
chalk stubs for teeth to sketch an illegible signature
     on every breath’s blackboard
          with the upper hand others use to jerk off.

Stick your finger in a creative outlet.

     Chalk it up to an outline.