Letter from the editors
Guest introduction: Neila Mezynski

Adam Crittenden Two poems Arthur S. Halsey, Jr. The Cabin Into Time Ben Mirov from The Analects of Confusion Brandon Courtney Three poems Brian Hurley The North Brian Mihok Pig Pen Caleb J Ross Evenson’s Tongue Daniel Bosch Three poems Daniel Romo Three poems Deanna Larsen The Etymology of Fate Elaine Castillo Four poems from Candida: a Translation Erin Fitzgerald The Mage in the Tower, the Wizard in the Sky Hazel Foster Tongueless and Swallowed Heather Fowler The Scene That You Come Upon is Madness James Valvis Tune In, Turn Out John Harrower You’re The Girl That I’ve Dreamed of Ever Since I Was a Little Drunk Kate Wyer Groundswell & An Insurrection Ken Poyner How The Coop Was Broken Lisa Marie Basile Three poems Mary Sharp Three poems Nathan Good An Alphabetized List of Body Parts and Other Objects That Aaron and Bella Broke During the Winter of 2010 Neil Addison Ruby Island Parker Tettleton Three poems Russell Jaffe Four poems Thomas Patrick Levy Three poems

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