The World Mishears a Line
by Lennon and McCartney

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“…Then anti-globalists, brandishing Molotovs
And waving blue flags bearing the imam’s picture
Bordered by crescent-shaped Kalashnikovs
Cashiered an idling Lincoln Navigator…”
         —”Four Thousand Hosed in Blackburn, Lancashire,”
         Reuters, August 2, 2012

“…Well, yes, Home Depot has the best of us,
Internationally speaking. But nothing here’s
For sale,” said curator Albert Hall. “Take this on trust:
We will acquire more picks, spades, rakes, plowshares…”
         —”Four Thousand Hoes in Blackburn, Lancashire,”
         The Onion, August 2, 2012

“…Every grappler’s tribe and size—Sumo,
Schoolboy, Greco-Roman, Turkic, Freestyle
(AKA “International”)—gave free demos,
Sweating and rolling and grunting in the aisles…”
         —”Four Thousand Holds in Blackburn, Lancashire,”
         Sporting News, August 2, 2012

“…We tossed our thongs! We sang the Internationale
As the pact was signed,” said sex worker
‘Tess,’ of Local 216 in Uppsala.
“The Party parties hard in workers’ heaven…”
         —”Four Thousand Hos in Blackburn, Lancashire,”
         Maxim, August 2, 2012

“…It’s no mere figure of speech. Synecdoché’s
Clients meet the marriage-minded parts
They dream of—real, living parts—parts they can’t see
On It’s the end of broken hearts…”
         —”Four Thousand Wholes in Blackburn, Lancashire,”
         Shape, August 2, 2012