Candida a girl in an inflatable raft held together with duct tape and superstition Candida a girl in a cardboard box in the storage area of a Boeing 747 Candida a girl in the back of a white Mercedes van with at least twenty others Candida a girl with a suspicious phlegm-heavy cough Candida already in the hair and in the skin and in the gut most of all Candida deep in the gut

Candida what are the things you are willing to do to survive Here you are cracked out of the walnut of the world And you the charred fatty sinew of it Wading to the Spanish shore in someone else’s Reeboks They are waiting Candida your tanned hide is showing Candida you smell like four strains of urine Wipe thy weeping eyes The first thing that has to go is your beauty

Open your mouth Candida At least say Don’t shoot Those words you should know from American television dramas Raise your palms and say DON’T SHOOT