When > kill author invited me to write the introduction for this issue, my first response was my usual reaction: load the gun, bolt the door, run like hell! I stewed and fumed, but little by little came to terms with the wonderful possibilities their kind offer presented. New experiences waving, adventure beckoning, I accepted the offer, packed up my roadblocks and got busy. Yes!

Considering myself an outsider, not having taken writing 101 (and in general…), I have come to realize that if you hang around long enough on the outside you’ll eventually find inside. It’s a good place this outside/inside… where growth happens.

I look forward to reading the new issue of > kill author, chock full of great writers and writing. Issue Twelve is named after Janet Frame (1924-2004), a writer who saw safety in words. My random ramblings below are inspired by the writers you’ll find in these pages. No safety, no hugs.

A rose smells as sweet as a beer spitting fish.

Bleeding vagabonds, messy scarecrows. Not much time. Smile.

Boys, explosions. Don’t change. I do.

Pushing shoving invading, tired of doin’ all the work. Spleen for rent.

Lost boy, cabbage patch, cinnamon bear. Lies.

Sweet uncluttered thoughts easy to see truth. Clarity.

Shirley Temple, she’ll remember dad. Hopeful.

Don’t get sick on soft bricks. Needy boy.

Elegant feet, high heeled shoes, wickets, no turning back.

Blind child, Lucifer, mother. A sign.

Too long tea unimportant, triumphs, car payments, pigs for lunch.

Spinning Chevys, superhuman strength. What if. Mom were here.

A girl not real this here not revenge. Barbaros. Me lady.

Self hate. Her father did. Swallow it.


Reach slap back front kick. Burn baby. Nobody’s home.

He’ll jump, ruined whose fault, no building there.

It’s what you know, that’s all.

Polar bear kittens mother melon mounds. Chickens. Now.

Chicken people don’t care don’t know difference. Will attack anyhow.

Ballerina lamp all wrong and dark.

Real and bones. Here and now. Shoo fly.

No last name. No visit. Mom?

Broke body woes. Blame.

Out in the middle of nowhere everywhere. Ice sculptures. No time.

Sons and fathers don’t change. Wall. Heave it.

If Janet Frame were still with us she would probably agree there is a fine thread linking all good art. This issue is that sort of good art, a continuum of fine.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these wonderful words and thank all the writers for letting me play with yours. Words, that is.

Neila Mezynski

Neila Mezynski’s work can be found in > kill author (of course), The Scrambler, Snow Monkey, Folded Word, Word Riot, elimae, Caper Literary Journal, Barge Journal, Moon Milk Review, Short Fast and Deadly, Mud Luscious Press, Greying Ghost, Rumble, Rusty Truck, Skive Magazine, Dogzplot, LITSNACK, to name only a few. Her new collection, Glimpses, is out now from Scrambler Books. Also available is an e-chap from Caper Literary Journal, a pamphlet from Greying Ghost Press and, coming up in 2011, chapbooks from Mud Luscious Press, Folded Word Press and Short, Fast and Deadly.