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Adam Atkinson Jacket Copy Bezalel Stern Losing Baby Brad Efford Reclamation Carleen Tibbetts Two poems Charlene Kwon Whales Daniel M. Shapiro Three poems Denise Dooley I Knew You Were Some Hermit But I Didn’t Know What Kind Elaine Chiew The New Geeks Glenn R. Frantz Three poems Howie Good Three prose poems J.D.A. Winslow from There is Every Chance This is The Future Now Kit Frick from Day Bleaks Suddenly Laura Goldstein permafuel Mark DeCarteret Three poems Matt Rowan Love Hat Matt Runkle Dawn in the Afternoon Matthew Robinson Apnea Michael Dwayne Smith What We Think Mureall Hébert Mrs. Grinaldi Takes to the Air: A Parent-Teacher Conference Survival Guide Richard Prins Three poems Russ Woods Three poems Ruth Baumann Two poems Sean Neville Comus Shane Jones The Gasoline Children Shannon Hozinec Three poems Shawn Maddey Three poems Sobriety Kinkaid Misplaced Compassion Sommer Schafer What to Wear to the Funeral Tadzio Koelb Primogeniture Vi Khi Nao Super Aroused Women During Sandstorms Zach Buscher Three poems


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