Discrete Math: Transubstantiation

Having realized that there is no such thing
as a diminished idea of motion, the sentence
cooled its heels. The sentence wants to trail off and fizzle.
A beach pit fire. Mushy ashes.
Little apocalypse.

Sentence wishes for lucidity and ever-present luminosity:
the infrastructure of the moon in the pattern of twenty-six letters.

give yourself over to lexicon          arbitrate between dark and light

most particular of particulate matter—grammar—in the eyelashes,
     clouding, obfuscating

the stress at the seam, the ground zero, the pharmakon,
the suture of ________

a talking in tongues, a laying on of hands, what can only be prayer riding the air of the body past linguistics into sound
into meaning into shades of meaning
into that’s not what I meant

where is the wayside, that I may let x fall by it?

Gendered chairs in the living room discuss you at tea time.

In what order did you fall asleep to this world?

A termite flies onto the tile floor and dies. A laugh track over the struggle.
Wings stilled.

Minutes become loose and immeasurable.
The cracks in your dinnerware web outward toward ruin.

Drive your face off a starved highway.
Your sprinklers are on a timer.
Water falls in machine gun spray on the topsoil, wormy in its
     wet ephemera.