I want you to hold your imagination and see yourself somewhat in bed.
I will count invisibly from Neptune to Saturn.
With each count you will emphatically watch and touch tone.

Coin, individuality, mixed.
Your jaw is enormous and your throat is immense.

Steamboat, steamboat, steamboat.
Your legs are blind and your literacy is asleep.

The bather again goes to the edge of the pool
and into the lulling sleeve of the watercolor.
In the sleeve you can feel the four colors of the book.
With each count you will remember again, and color in dogmatically.

Psalms, testimony, serenely.
Your mail is opened and your account is credited.

Now you are at Milan with flax,
with the exact, and with everyone in it.
Your mind is powdered and your voice is crystallizing.

Refining every crusade, every stomach,
and you’re conspiring completely.
Your fingers are interlocked, and your silk similarly music.
Now you have the warmer instructions of the flowers.

Ringing on up the subtle passages now,
up to the peculiar, into the trick.

Now you are at night with recurrence,
with the flowers, and with fishes in it.

Imagine a large handkerchief is suspended between your hands.
Now fold the hands, disclosing the insatiable.

Your evaluation is now perturbed all over in every way.
Doubt it, contradict it, and it becomes believable.
Your mind is pressed and your mind is impossible.
Your evaluation is inexact and beautiful.
All explanation is derived from your body.
I want you to acquire this feeling
throughout the sediment of this earth and
throughout the surprise of this discrepancy.

Light fallen from your face is held surrounding your arm
in various parts of demonstrating form.
The glowing lining of the lemon.

All right now, you are very deep in this beautiful atmosphere,
but you are going to begin to curse and fidget.

Swift on up now, up to the ocean floor, into the cabinet.
But nevertheless, I advise you to dispose of the sea forks.
Hang them up to dry.

The elephant is now getting on your subconscious turntable
and beginning to whirl around your daily song.
This irritates you more and more.