The Grass is Always Greener
on the Far Side of the Moon

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Rotation, captured & mechanical as the tedium of a wall clock, determines what we see. See: celestial mechanics (n.). Mechanics as in how it works, the interior wonder, the job ordered, exact, restricted. Restricted in our scope, in the possibilities of vision, despite our limitations, we look up. Up to near but never far. Far side (n.): the hemisphere wrenched from our gaze. Gaze anyway. Anyway, we know want. Want as in the stuff of longing, the stuff of more & more, the act of naming our thirst. Thirst (v., used without object): action of staring into the empty basin of a dead ocean, ghost ocean. Oceanic as our thirst for motion, unrestricted, unbound. To be unbound from a mechanical life, from its ticks & tocks, it’s the nature of our clamor, our will to break from this pre-determination, this captured rotation.