A Near Perfect Game

I’ve been duped by more fright wigs and Jet-skiers for Jesus than a rabbit with a reputation.

It would seem we are all sullen imports buttoning up at the cope station, having seen to the conscience like a wet nap. So which of my Siamese selves is to blame for this mess?

All because I desired the free shower cap, a commemorative lapse of some kind.

My days she once spit-put, summed up through the seven/ten split of her teeth—“You’re as bad as you were only worse again” with the shag carpet plying its sheen of placenta, a pop-up environment of strung-light and rehabbing pleasure craft.

Something is stenciled like cloud-life just out of my view.

Just below it, a word or two on salvation thumb-printed in Day-Glo that you know like the saliva of the old-timey preacher and those fakest of torches putting in a request for your removal again.

But maybe being claimed by “unknown sources” is miracle enough and by now we should have all switched to summer-phase, a Saab or its equal, test tracks on our inner thighs, too-tanned and not-wont-to-be-watch-donning.

No thank you I’m unbearably sated, my tongue no longer in negotiations, having had its fill of my life up till now.

We shipped out in search of turned holidays after lugging up boxes to surrender on the lawn. How could they’ve marked down my blank books, took kazoos to my blues?

Here’s wishing I had the dubbed-cry of the frigate bird, having all I’d sung confused with the same ironic throat clearing or the oft-chance rhyme like surprised by the size of your eyes my stank sank like a cooled gun.

Good God any luck the good Lord will forego me the full-haul of night, what the hallways insisted was flu-like in symptom, unflappable.

So I’ll sit back with my witnesses, from the words I first bubbled, drew out of a sack, to the assortment of lines about shoes at a standstill and book cases insufficiently-lit as well as the suction cup traces like yet-to-take worlds where the gods I’ve been paired cannot do any better, nodding off to the celluloid trail of my funniest clips, more undoing.