Belly Deep

You want clean as a halved grapefruit. But from inside yourself your selves arms. & On those arms fingers & on those fingers wants & on those wants others. Heal nothing says inferno keep looking. You lady-of-reaching nimble as the last slip of lizard tongue understand not. Move still. Your tongue pirouettes in on itself & it splits & it spasms & hello more multiplying smaller. Hello more fish that eat fish that eat fish more. This one gravel & this one wax. They push you away plead teeth I have enough teeth & you grab rubber ball grab you don’t mean to. You can’t help it. The glass you shove into grows thicker & larger & glassier & laughs. As if the pattern of any upper arm could sinew you into place. You have no idea that the magnets you are made of You have no idea you are made of magnets You are made of no idea The magnets reach out into each sky-heavy loss time The magnets only want more magnets There has been a misfire Somewhere afternoon will not end