Some wood nymphs on bicycles
blabbing we can be anyone in various media.
If you do not observe the magic of words
keep this just absolute. Change the atmosphere
of the whole house! (^_^)  Still I wonder
about those signifying dollars. The lady chid
the waking bliss, the era of unrivalled honeymoon.
At this point most people have sex with nature
even the sexless couple near the rural shrine,
swinking on courteous moss. (^o^)
This law can be worn by anyone
even a couple of boreds previewing
the now ready thing of faëry vision viewless,
shrubby beards sewn to bosky cottage interior.
Eye him and her and him again for that sign
I have to fit and fit for everyone
through this day of brokering
as it may not whistle recipes
that disinherit the usurping mists.
Thread that visage through an amber cloud,
o virgin sister. Go words and occupy
a wood and feed virtuous shoots
to put a smile on that flat and simple face.
Super-dimensional shiny hall
set out with all manner of deliciousness
such as lucky combo simples of a thousand names
devised for gentle usage,
and to life so friendly.
Yet this is also to me a mystery and ends
with primrose-season softening floppy sense of language.
And you say you be not darkness in the first place.
Then increase your faëry show life-package.
Call a thousand spinning worms to welcome
the human boy decked in analog video frieze
bestudded with stars writ in deep depth
overcome by the sorry grain of light.