On this page you’ll find all the writers featured in > kill author’s twenty issues published between June 2009 and August 2012, listed alphabetically by surname and with links to the pages containing their work. We hope you enjoy browsing their prose and poetry.


Abartis, Cezarija
Adcox, James Tadd
Addison, Neil
Andelman, Rachel
Alea, Nic
Allison, Alexander J.
Amico, Brandon
Anderson, George
Anderson, Shane
Andreacchi, Grace
Angel, Miggy
Archer, Jules
Ashley, Garrett
Atkinson, Adam

The Labyrinth
The Gift Shop
Diseases Disorders Breaks
The First Thing That Viola Stole from Robert Was His Monogrammed Pen
Ruby Island
Seat Reserved
Three poems
Three poems | Three poems
Las Vegas, 2020
Fighting Words (Wrestling Holds Revisited)
Two prose poems
The Man with the Sight
The Girl with Tortoiseshell Glasses
Jacket Copy


Backer, David
Bailey, Daniel
Bain, Corrina
Balaskovits, A.A.
Basile, Lisa Marie
Baumann, Ruth
Baumer, Mark
Becker, Lauren
Beeny, Eric
Bell, Matt
Bennett, Eleanor Leonne
Best, Crispin
Bestwick, Brennan
Blake, Nathan
Boettcher, Jack
Borgstrom, Andrew
Bosch, Daniel
Bosworth, Mel
Bradley, J.
Braffman, Adam
Brandonisio, Michael
Brinson, DeWitt
Brown, Keith Nathan
Bryan, Alec
Bryant, Rae
Buchanan, Anhvu
Buchen, Callista
Bunstead, Thomas
Burke, Eric
Burnside, Matthew
Burton, CJ
Buscher, Zach

Proscribe: ostracize, banish (v.)
Love Yourself, Or Else
Two poems
The Romantic Agony of LemonHead
Three poems
Two poems
The Back of Our Kneecaps And Our Shoulder Pits Sweat Into Another Day of Pavement
There Was Nothing We Could Do
Three poems
Two stories
Children: from Trawling Oblivion
Xarles, Xavier, Xenos
The Atrocity Exhibition
Two poems
Three poems
from Around Here
Three poems
Four poems
I’ll Explain Everything To The Geeks
Raymond Carver’s Dance Party
Guest introduction to Issue Fifteen
Three poems
Four poems
Three poems
Three poems
Insomnia of the Soil
The Towel
Two poems
Three poems
Fabricio Coloccini Loves The Whore
Holiday Cycle
Two poems
Star Rot
Three poems


Caldwell, Edmond
Callahan, Jonathan
Capria, Alana I.
Carl, Alan Stewart
Carter, Daniel
Case, Doug Paul
Castillo, Elaine
Chen, Feng Sun
Chen, Jimmy
Chiem, Richard
Chiew, Elaine
Citro, Christopher
Clark, Kira
Clingan, Will
Colclough, Anthony
Collier, Danny
Collins, Josh
Collins, Ryder
Compton, Sheldon Lee
Cooper, Michael
Cotrone, David
Coupland, Krishan
Courtney, Brandon
Coyle, Mel
Crabtree, Jamison
Crew, Caroline
Crittenden, Adam
Crowley, Sara
Crowley, Thom
Cunningham, Mark
Cunningham, P. Edward

A Paper Moon
The Great Challenges the Good to a Duel: Pistols, Dawn
(((A Radiator Play)))
My Father Believes
Four Turns
Things I Could Do
Four poems from Candida: a Translation
Guest introduction to Issue Thirteen
Three poems
Nobel Laureate
The Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinky
Italo Calvino People
The New Geeks
Three poems
Three poems
Concentric Old Granny Witherwart
From: Romances Involving Chickens and/or Chicken Parts
I Am a Man With a Fractured Skull
We Were Listening For The Shattering
Gratch’s Abstract Action
The Excavations of Cobb Hannigan
Two stories
Three poems
Three poems
Four poems
Three poems
Three poems
Guest introduction to Issue Sixteen
Two poems
Kitchen sink (no) drama
Dorothy’s Shoes
Four poems
Three poems


Davis, Danielle
Dawson, Jared
DeBonis, Alex
DeCarteret, Mark
de la Flor, Neil
DeMulder, Sierra
Deaton, Jarrid
Deibel, Jeanine
Dexter, Matthew
Dixon, Kat
Dooley, Denise
Doyle, Sean H.
Drotar, Luke
Dunbar, Donald
Durbin, Andrew
Dybec, Greg

Peculiar and Pendulum
“A Gesture Will Form.”
A Monster on Long Island
Three poems
The Archivist
Two poems
Shoot the Ballerina in the Heart
from Spyre
Imaginary Friends
Two poems
I Knew You Were Some Hermit
But I Didn’t Know What Kind

Stillwell Avenue, June of 1987
big deals, haves
Three poems
For a letter to be any good
The Word You Picked For Me
Three poems
The Comedy of Shattering Birds


Eckerlin, Jesse
Edwards, Stevie
Efford, Brad
Egner, Zoelle
Elizabeth, Nicolle
Ellen, Elizabeth
Ellingsen, Eric
Elliott, James P.
Emslie, Chris
Etter, Sarah Rose

We fought the holy war & kickt the bucket
Three poems
Notes on a Rhinoceros
Deathwish Piano Movers
The Movie Was French and the Actor Was French and the Actress Was American, Or, Derivative
from The People Called Endless
The Mad Hatter and March Hare as Human Conscience
Three poems
Womb Peck


Falley, Megan
Farmer, Ashley
Farr, Raymond
Farrell, Jessica
Felix, Camonghne
Fienberg, Ori
Fitzgerald, Erin
Flawnt, Finnegan
Foster, Hazel
Fowler, Heather
Frantz, Glenn R.
Freeman, Janet
Frick, Kit

Three poems
Farm Town
Walking Siegfried Thru Wal-Mart
The Pueblo Is In My Name
Knock Dead
To Whom This May Concern
Night Hungers
The Mage in the Tower, the Wizard in
the Sky

Rites of Spring
Broken or Just the Facts
Tongueless and Swallowed
The Scene That You Come Upon
is Madness

Three poems
Love Me Now
from Day Bleaks Suddenly


Gale, Nathan
Gallari, Adam
Garni, Ricky
Gaudry, Molly
Gay, Roxane
Gerke, Greg
Ghostlight Project, The
Gibson, Colin
Giddings, Megan
Gigantino, Jennifer
Goldstein, Laura
Good, Howie
Good, Nathan
Goodrich, Melissa
Goosey, Joseph
Graham, Barry
Green, Brad
Greenspan, David

Two poems
Escape Artists Never Die
Hunt Her, Gather Her
Important Things to Know About
Career Girls

Used People
The Uncouth Swain
Forbid Them Not
Two poems
The Tragic Jet Ski Accident of 2011
Two poems
Three poems
Three poems
Two poems
Rumble Strip
Two poems
Three prose poems
An Alphabetized List of Body Parts and Other Objects That Aaron and Bella Broke During the Winter of 2010
Three poems
Three poems
The End Is Easy, Where Do We Start
Meat-Blood Breath
Three poems


Haber, Alex
Hagood, Caroline
Haley, Andrew
Halsey Jr, Arthur S.
Halston, Carissa
Hammons, Jane
Harder, Christian
Harrower, John
Hébert, Mureall
Helms, Joshua R.
Hemmings, Kyle
Hershman, Tania
Hess, Mickey
Hicks, Micah Dean
Hill, Verity
Hillard, Donora
Hinte, Shelby
Hinton, Frank
Holderness, Anderson
Hollander, Jessica
Hostovsky, Paul
Hozinec, Shannon
Hubbard, Ladee
Hudson, Taylor
Huey, Amorak
Humphrey, Autumn
Hunt, Ofelia
Hunter, Rose
Hurley, Brian
Hyland, Tina

Three poems
Two poems
The Cabin Into Time
Kris and Tyler Compete
Two poems
You’re The Girl That I’ve Dreamed of Ever Since I Was a Little Drunk
Mrs. Grinaldi Takes to the Air:
A Parent-Teacher Survival Guide

from Boy is Winter’s Tongue
We Are All Refugees of This World
All Activity is Silent
Nothing Happens
Where the Electrician Went
Three poems
How to Become a Woman
You Enjoy Myself
How to Eat an Oriole
No Shoes, No Service
Two poems
Two poems
Four poems
Four poems
Two poems
The Number Being Served
Gloria Kills Many Things
Three poems
Two poems
Three poems
The North
Schrödinger Equation


Illich, Donald
Innomi, Nate
Irvine, Scott Riley
Isacson, Alexandra
Ives, Rich

Three poems
The Pickup
Letter from Tomorrow’s Traffic Jam
Hermetically Sealed
Animal Magnetism
No. 9
Two poems
Three stories


Jaffe, Russell
James, Christopher
James, Mitch
Jax, TT
Jenkins, Rachel
Jilka, Luc
Jones, Shane
Jordan, Jason

Four poems
Paper Chains
The Sadder of Two Places
Three poems
Two poems
The Gasoline Children
Do Not Let Them Take You


K, Peter
Kaelin, Owen
Kain, Alex
Kalamarz, Julius
Kalbach, Drew
Kilpatrick, Sean
King, Rebecca
Kinkaid, Sobriety
Kirby-Smith, Susan
Kloss, Robert
Koelb, Tadzio
Kole, Diana
Kontes, Alexandra
Krewer, Drew
Kurowski, Travis
Kwon, Charlene

Pinnacle Hill
Boiling Colors Alone
Three poems
Three poems
Two poems
Misplaced Compassion
Creature Comfort
Two poems
The Boss’ Son
The Valley of Alligators
What happens in other people’s kitchens
The Blessings of a Mocking God
from Superstation Queen


Lamb, Meghan
Landry, B.N.
Lannie, Emma J.
Larsen, Deanna
Larson, Aaron
Larson, Darby
Larson, Rich
Laskowski, David
Layden, Sarah
Le Lay, Brian
Lee-Houghton, Melissa
Legg, Meredith
Leibel, Matt
Leins, Tom
Leong, Michael
Levy, Thomas Patrick
Lewis, Stephen Daniel
Liening, Brad
Likely, Phoenix
Lim, Lisa
Logan, Kirsty
Loughrey, Michael
Lovelace, Sean
Lowe, Marc

Guest introduction to Issue Nineteen
Free Architecture
The Etymology of Fate
Mildred from Nigeria
The Anatomy of the Novel, or Steve
Sex In Secret
Two poems
The Charge That Struck Us
Three poems
Two poems
Two poems
The Characters You Care About
Winter Hymns
from Michael Palmer vs. Michael Palmer
Four poems
Three poems
Three poems
Dark Star
Love is a Many Splendid Thing
His Name Was Do Re Mi
Milk & Meat
Marginalia concerning a postmodern idiomatic Klondike
Colour plate No. 8: The (W)hole [kit
and caboodle]

Snakes & Methods
The Scribbler


Maddey, Shawn
Major, Chris
Mangla, Ravi
Manthiram, Annam
Marbais, Amanda
Marsh, Nicky
Marston, Adam
Martin, M.G.
Martin, Megan
Mashramani, Ras.
Matos, Carlo
Maynard, Adam J
McDermott, Steven J.
McDonald, Robert
McHugh, Maureen
McLean, David
McLellan, Cortney
Meginnis, Mike
Mesler, Corey
Metz, M.K.
Mezynski, Neila
Michaels, Clayton T.
Michalski, Jen
Mihok, Brian
Milazzo, Joe
Miller, RC
Milks, Megan
Milne, Stefan
Mirov, Ben
Mlekoday, Michael
Mohan, David
Momyer, Heather
Mooney, Kenny
Mooney, Marvin K.
Moorad, Adam
Mortara, John
Moshimer, Gary
Mullins, Matt
Musso, Joseph

Blood’s The Bad Luck Got From Chain Mail
Three poems
Two poems
Four Micros from “Visiting Writers”
His Appliances
Dogs the Size of Cows
Two poems
Three shorts
Two poems
Three poems
Four poems
Big Dumb Animal
Artistic Statement
Hallelujah Ammonia
Four poems
The Mattress
Three poems
Four poems
Since You’ve Been Gone
Paranoia & Phobic
Men In Bushes
Guest introduction to Issue Twelve
Three poems
Pig Pen
The Return of the Boy with the
Renewable Organs

Three poems
Three poems
First Things First
The Elegiacs of Fruit and Chocolate
from The Analects of Confusion
Four poems
Two poems
The Dragon Like One Picasso Made
Crank House
Family Story #33
Two poems
Mice and Men
Two poems
Explanatory Notes of a Break Up


Nao, Vi Khi
Napualani Hodges, Heather
Nedeljkov, Nikolina
Neely, Mark
Neville, Sean
Newman, Jennifer
Nimes, Cheyenne
Noel, Johnsie
Norlie, Louise
Nunes, Jenn Marie

Super Aroused Women During

Three poems
Only Slower
Four poems
The Ways They Let Themselves Be Fooled
Three poems
Three poems
Everything In My Childhood Was Quiet
Three poems


O’Keefe Aptowicz, Cristin
Oliu, Brian
Osgood, Richard

In Lieu of His Writing Any New Poetry, The Author Critiques The Four Line Song She Heard Her Boyfriend Spontaneously Created While Drunkenly Walking Up Their Apartment Building’s Stairwell
Three poems
Missed Connection #21: Penultimate – Egan’s Bar – m4w – 22


Park, Cami
Parker, M.E.
Parker, R.D.
Patalano, Tess
Patton Chapman, Margaret
Peak, David
Penkethman, Jennifer
Peterson, Adam
Pierce, Cameron
Pink, Sam
Plasek, Aaron
Pokrass, Meg
Poli, Jessica
Pope, Alexis
Potter, Nick Francis
Powell, James
Poyner, Ken
Prentiss, Molly
Prins, Richard
Puchalski, Audra

Made From Scratch
4 Seconds
Three poems
Instructions for Growing Men
Two poems
Two poems
Sire Lines of America
Two poems
Two excerpts
Two poems
Two shorts
Three poems
Two poems
Homecoming for Pulseless Sunken Wife
Barren Lands
How The Coop Was Broken
The Grand Canyon Brings People Together
The Chaperone
Three poems
Four poems


Quinn, Hajara
Quintela, Joseph A. W.

Three poems
Three poems
To the Author,


Rainwater-Lites, Misti
Rasnake, Sam
Ray, U.V.
Reale, Michelle
Rerick, Michael
Richter, Peter
Ridge, Ryan
Roberts, Drew
Robinson, Matthew
Roe, Andrew
Rohan, Ethel
Romo, Daniel
Rosenblum, Sarah Terez
Ross, Caleb J
Rossi, Alan
Rowan, Matt
Runkle, Matt

Circus Cunt
Three poems
Three poems
from (Space Race)
Three poems
The Plagiarist Checks Out
Shades of Dorsey
Lawn Clippings
Flight: SFO to LAX
Senseless Acts
Four poems
Three poems
Three prose poems
Evenson’s Tongue
Her Mother, His Father
Love Hat
Dawn in the Afternoon


Salazar, Fortunato
Salier, Diana
Samuel, Patrick
Sands, Jon
Sanquist, Ian
Santos, Richard
Savage, N. God
Scanlon, Suzanne
Scapellato, Joseph
Schafer, Sommer
Schiller, James
Schluter, Kit
Schreur, Greg
Schwartz, Peter
Scott, Laura Ellen
Segal, Ben
Seidel, Michael
Shapiro, Daniel M.
Sharp, Mary
Sherl, Gregory
Shinkle, Katie Jean
Shipley, Gary J.
Silbernagel, Adrian
Simons, Vaughan
Sklar, Joslyn
Slaviero, Susan
Sloboda, Noel
Smith, Ani
Smith, Michael Dwayne
Socol, Garrett
Sousa, Audri
Soyka, Jordan
Sparks, Amber
Speh, Marcus
Spiegel, Jennifer
Spivey, Ben
Spoto, Angie
Springer, Rachel
Steinhagen, Jon
Stern, Bezalel
Stone, Mary
Sullivan, Andrew F.
Sullivan, KMA
Svalina, Mathias
Svoboda, Terese
Sweeney, Dennis James
Swihart, R L
Syersak, Jake

Kudos to the Parasitic Arthropods
Three poems
Three poems
Three poems
Like Paparazzi
Horizon Lines
Lifeboat Panorama
Guest introduction to Issue Eighteen
The Need for Other People Faded
Girls With Problems
Guest introduction to Issue Seventeen
What to Wear to the Funeral
The Hair Chamber {A Sonnet}
Untimely Jokes
Three poems
3 Kinds of Problems
The Elvis
The Depressed Person Was Trying to
Get Better

Mounds of Flesh
Three poems
Three poems
Part of a Particle
The Oregon Trail Is The Oregon Trail
I Hope She Breathes Like a Mammoth
Two prose poems
Guest introduction to Issue Fourteen
When All You Want Doesn’t Want You
Four poems
Fly Glaze Horse
Two poems
Barcode → Process → Barcode → End
Three Prayers
Two poems
Two poems
Two poems
Sickly, I Wait
High-Flying City Fuckers
Three poems
What We Think
All in a Name
Island Envy
Fame & Madness in America
Shades of Blue
Three poems
Two poems
What Happened to the Bishop’s Daughter
La Pointe Courte
Three Berg Passages: a Triptych
Guest introduction to Issue Eleven
This Is What I Do
Dear Charles
(((( The Sun Inside ))))
Washington Crosses the Delaware,

Losing Baby
We Will Plan Big Things
Breaking Doyle (into Seven Pieces)
Three poems
Phase Change
A Comment on the Universe’s Ungraspable Multiplicity of Stories Amid Their Undeniable Resemblance via Sketches of Events Occurring in the Center of Ho Chi Minh City in the Two Hours Before New Years 2012
Three poems
Two poems
Four poems
Three poems


Tadge, Kevin
Tamraz, Lauren
Tan, Declan
Tangen-Mills, Jesse
Tettleton, Parker
Tibbetts, Carleen
Todd, Robb
Tomaloff, David
Tyler, J.A.

Golden Brown
Old-Timey Variety Show
15,061,604 is the 1
Sky’s Notes from the Center of the World
Four poems
Four poems
Three poems
Three poems
Three poems
Two poems
The Faces of Tiny Animals
Everything I Think About When I Am Trying
Not To Think

Three poems
Two poems
Jimmy and his Father and the Ways
About Them

The Man He Took An Axe Into The Woods
Variations of a Brother War (Men Triptych)
[ the fourth house /// rebuilt ]


Ulman, Sean
Unikel, Joshua
Unsworth, Lydia
Urquhart, Troy

Ideal Wall
Seward’s Super Sewer Spelunker
525 South Winchester Boulevard
The Middleman
Three poems


Valjan, Gabriel
Valvis, James
Verlee, Jeanann
Vishwanathan, Ajay
Vitoria, Helen
Vogan, Roan

Tune In, Turn Out
The Session
A Serial Killer’s First Day in Medical School
Two poems
Said, Done (with xTx)
Premenstrual Satanism


Wade, Julie Marie
Walker Graves, K.
Walsh, William
Wanczyk, David
Warfield, Brian
Wendeborn, Robert Alan
Wennermark, Erik
Wentz, Zack
White, Laurie E.
Williard, Gregg
Winslow, J.D.A.
Witte, Elizabeth
Wollin, Matthew
Woods, Russ
Wrist, Terry
Wyer, Kate

“Or else.”
This Laptop Kills Fascists
Two poems
Three poems
Humberto Figueroa Urquiza
Sickie’s Christmas
Four poems
Ape Breaks Down the Door
from There is Every Chance This is The Future Now
Deviant, Look
Two poems
Three poems
Two poems
Groundswell & An Insurrection



The Butterfly Lounge
Two poems
Said, Done (with Helen Vitoria)
Guest introduction to Issue Nine


Yenser, Becca
Yes Yes, Laura
Young, Jacqueline Ann
Young, Joshua
Young, Mike

Of All Things
A Bookbinder’s Pecha Kucha for
Starving Artists

What I Learned in Sunday School
Three poems
Three poems
What’s The Strongest Thing You’ve Ever Felt? What’s The Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Felt?



A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Zebra